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In 2005 the Agency for Coordination of Staff Development, which is part of the Foundation "Cooperation Fund”, elaborated the report “Vocational education and training in Poland”. Prepared in accordance with CEDEFOP requirements, this report makes it possible to achieve international comparisons. It is also an important resource of information concerning the state of work on VET/HRD developments in Poland, in relation  with European initiatives in this area. In the framework of the VET system, reforming activities are carried out that aim to modernise Polish curricula (modular curricula development), and to develop an external examination system  enabling recognition of vocational qualifications. 

Poland adopted the National Strategy for the Increase of Employment and Development of Human Resources in the years 2000-2006, which pays atten-tion to the need of raising the quality of offered training services. This can be achieved, inter alia, by the application of national professional qualifications standards. The Strategy assumes that the national qualifications standards – common for the scholar and non-scholar system – will be the basis for voca-tional training  programmes and for the system of vocational examinations. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is in charge of im-plementing the Strategy in terms of development of vocational training and professional qualifications standards, whereas the European Social Fund supports the development of VET/HRD in Poland in the framework of Sectoral Operational Programme - Human Resources Development (SOP-HRD).

European programmes like Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, EQUAL and Youth for Europe represent the biggest group among research projects realised in Poland, financed from the European funds. Significant research elements can also be seen in Phare 2003 projects. 

Research projects realised in the framework of the European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technological Research (COST) as well as under the 6th Framework Programme (mainly Information Society Technologies - IST priority) also contain R&D elements specific for the VET/HRD domain. Projects related to this area are integrated with directions of the informatics community development in Poland till 2020, which were  accepted in 2004 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 

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