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The Polish Pedagogic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Pedagogiczne - PTE) – is an organiser of a cyclic (every 3 years) all-Polish convention (hosting guests from abroad) for theorists, practitioners and researchers who represent all academic centres and universities educating in the field of pedagogy. The latest reunion was in Wrocław in September 2004.

The Committee on Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Komitet Nauk Pedagogicznych Polskiej Agademii Nauk - KNP PAN) – is one of 24 committees functioning alongside the Committee on Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Komitet Wydziału Nauk Społecznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk). The distinguished employees of the Task Force for Labour Pedagogy (Zespół Pedagogiki Pracy) and the Task Force for Andragogy (Zespół Andragogiki), who represent universities, scientific-research institutes as well as economic and social organisations, are particularly involved in carrying out surveys in the field of VET/HRD. Every year KNP PAN takes the patronage over a number of cyclic scientific conferences and seminars. The survey findings are published in KNP PAN publications. Research results are published in journals including  “Labour Pedagogy” (edited by ITeE-PIB) and “Education, Studies, Research, Innovations” (edited by IBE).

The Polish Society of Educational Diagnostics (Polskie Towarzystwo Diagnostyki Edukacyjnej - PTDE) and the Polish Society of Cognitive Science (Polskie Towarzystwo Kognitywistyczne - PTK) are involved in similar scientific activities. 

Among organisations associated in networks dealing with R&D in VET/HRD the following should be mentioned: the Association of the Centers for Vocational Development (Związek Zakładów Doskonalenia Zawodowego), the Polish Crafts Association (Polski Związek Rzemiosła), the Polish Association for Adult Education, the Association of Polish Educators (Stowarzyszenie Oświatowców Polskich), the Voluntary Work Corps (Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy), the Polish Chamber of Commerce (Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza), the Polish Network of Modular Education (Polska Sieć Kształcenia Modułowego), the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (Stowarzyszenie Elektryków Polskich) and the Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Mechaników Polskich).

Since 2004, Poland is has been a member of the European network ReferNet, which functions under CEDEFOP. The Polish ReferNet network has formed a consortium of institutions that takes care of education and vocational training issues and the research market. The leader of the National Network Consortium is the Task Force for Training and Human Resources of the Foundation „Cooperation Fund”. The National Network Consortium includes 8 institutions: the Foundation of System Education Development – Office of EURYDICE  programme (Warsaw), the Institute for Educational Research (Warsaw), the Institute of Labour and Social Studies (Warsaw), the Institute for Sustainable Technologies (Radom), the Institute of Management (Warsaw), the Confederation of Polish Employers (Warsaw), the National Center for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education (Warsaw) and the Polish Craft Union.

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