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The VET/HRD research themes considered important in Portugal, within the scope of the government strategies and objectives, are related to the need to increase the education levels of the population, to promote lifelong learning and to adjust the Portuguese economy to the knowledge society.

A general overview of the themes under investigation includes the following subjects:

- Equal opportunities
To contribute to the development of policies and strategies that introduce the necessary changes in the system of training and in the labour market, in order to provide qualification strategies for men and women; analysis of employment and training policies to the benefit of equal opportunities; institutional good practices in equality of gender; tools for the evaluation of the national plan for equality.

- Diagnosis of the training needs
Critical practices analysis in the Portuguese field of needs assessment; skill profiles and employability.

- Skill development
Identifying the competencies needed to get a better performance in the labour market.

- E-learning/ICT 
Identification and promotion of e-learning initiatives in Portuguese language; study of methodologies for distance learning.

- Social integration
To prevent social exclusion with regard to children and youth.

- Learning regions 
To define guidelines to facilitate a strategic regional innovation, adapted to the Portuguese reality.

ANNEX: Selection of ERO Base projects

A European Pedagogy for Autonomous Learning: Education Modern Language Teachers through ICT

Study of the impact of regional innovation strategies in Portuguese regions

Lugares para Acolher e Reintegrar

Knowledge Resource Centre Network

Training for equality

The Transversal Competencies of Academic Graduates: Perspectives of Employers and Graduates

Study of the impact of regional innovation strategies in Portuguese regions

Return on Investment in Training

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