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Portugal  [5]  Funding framework of VET/HRD research

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The funding of VET/HRD research is mainly provided by public sources. Public funding sources are: 
  • The Orçamento da Segurança Social - OSS (Social Security Budget) is essentially the source of funding for training and research promoted or supported by the Institute of Employment & Vocational Training. 
  • The Orçamento Geral do Estado - OGE (General State Budget) is the main source of funding for vocational training and research delivered in the education system and other sectoral training researches that are implemented by other government departments.
  • The European Social Fund - ESF, through the operational programmes, funds training and research developed and supported by both public and private sector organisations. 
The ESF, as a funding instrument for human resources development policies, finances the measures/subsystems in the Lifelong Learning Strategy. The five main channels for that funding are:
  • Programa de Desenvolvimento Educativo para Portugal - PRODEP III (Educational Development Programme for Portugal), 
  • Programa Operacional Emprego, Formação e Desenvolvimento Social - POEFDS (Operational Programme for Education, Training and Social Development), 
  • Programa Operacional da Ciência e Inovação 2010- POCI (Operational Programme for Science and Technology) 
  • Programa Operacional para a Sociedade da Informação - POSI (Operational Programme for the Information Society
  • Programa de Incentivos à Modernização da Economia - PRIME (Incentives Programme for Modernising the Economy)
The articulation between the operational programmes and the national policies is guaranteed in the Operational Intervention conception, since its framework documents support national policies, such as the Development Regional Plan and the National Employment Plan. The Operational Intervention programmes act as financial and management tools that will allow the attribution of the community funds to the interventions seen as priorities in the national and community policies. All these programmes have a technical support structure.
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Portugal (details see Bibliography)
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