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Portugal  [6]  Professional research associations related to VET/HRD

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The Observatório da Ciência e do Ensino Superior - OCES (Observatory of Science and Higher Education) is a service, endowed with administrative autonomy, with attributions in the fields of gathering, treatment and diffusion of information, and of planning in the domain of science, technology and higher education. (

The Observatório do Emprego e da Formação Profissional - OEFP (Observatory of Employment and Training) intends to contribute to the diagnosis, prevention and solution of employment problems and vocational training. It integrates a strong component of studies in the relevant areas of employment and vocational training. It develops studies concerning these themes in partnership with university research centres and private enterprises that promote research in this field. (

There are also professional orders and associations. Some of these integrate Units of I&D; others do research within the scope of VET/HRD applied to its sector. For example, the Order of the Nurses has a Unit of Research & Development in Nursing. 

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