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Current VET/HRD research

Portugal deals with some disadvantages related to the level of investment in human capital and in innovation, research and development activities. These problems are due to the fact that the benefits associated with investment in education and research, development and innovation activities are not sufficient or are not totally appropriate to the agents who develop them. Therefore, there is an under-investment in these areas, which are nevertheless critical for economic growth. Those problems are the more significant since it is recognised that the quality of human resources, the technological capacity and the permeability to innovation are precisely some of the greatest obstacles to economic growth.

It is also recognised that there are problems within the present national innovation system. With the assistance of the previous Community Support Frameworks a large set of scientific and technological infrastructures has been set up. In general terms, a better linkage between all the system components, particularly closer links and cooperation between the relevant agents - public R&D laboratories, higher education institutions, enterprises and business associations - are missing.

(Presentation document of the Technological Plan -

Future VET/HRD research

Within the scope of research, development and innovation, the government programme addressed the following guidelines for the future:

  • to increase the number of researchers, the public and private investment in R&D, the scientific labour in both sectors, the education and the scientific and technological culture;
  • to give a new impulse to innovation, by supporting the innovative success of products and services, intensifying the investments in R&D for the enterprises and continuing the widening of the number of enterprises with R&D activities;
  • to promote the effective use of ICT and a society of inclusive information, by stimulating an open school environment, modernizing Public Administration, stimulating tele-work, distributing generalised information of public interest, promoting the integration of citizens with special needs in the Information Society .
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