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Current VET/HRD research

The effectiveness and impact of current VET/HRD research and development is only partial.
We can say that it is partly effective as we note:

  • Increased awareness of and trust in research
  • Some issues raised by the research taken into consideration in policy design and implementation
  • Increased demand for research related to developments at national level
At the same time, it is partly not effective, since:
  • Capacity to use available resources is still weak;
  • Some issues are not addressed, even if research has drawn attention to them: lifelong learning perspective, need for demand driven approaches, need for local and individual perspective, weak social partnership;
  • There is no strategic investment intended to develop existing capacities.

Future VET/HRD research

Several issues should be taken into consideration for the progress and strengthening of VET/HRD R&D:

  • There is a need for an explicit policy for research and development in VET/HRD, including resource allocation
  • Networking must be encouraged
  • More dissemination activities must be organised at national, regional and sectoral level
  • Research capacity building is to be enhanced in order to use more resources in research and increase efficiency.
Themes that need to be addressed by VET/HRD R&D in the next period in Romania:
  • development of a national qualification framework
  • trainers training
  • enhanced involvement of social partners in training and qualification definition
  • increased of participation in training activities in LLL perspective.
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Romania (details see Bibliography)
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