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In the last period, efforts to link research and policies have been made. Important efforts have been done for collecting relevant statistical data on VET and HRD. There is an increased participation of the Romanian institutions in the European and international research activities (ETF, Cedefop, Eurostat, Eurydice, OECD, UNESCO, Unevoc, PNUD, World Bank, IEAA). Specific dissemination activities are rare and restricted to limited circles or areas. So far, no explicit research policies can be found at national level.

Important VET/HRD research activities have been linked with EU VET/HRD R&D. Activities run by ETF, participation of Romanian researchers and research institutions in CEDEFOP activities and in projects within European programmes have raised the quality of R&D in the field and improved its general image. Links with EU networks are stronger than internal ones, any national networks and associations being absent.

Yet, the effectiveness and impact of current VET/HRD research and development is only partial. Specialised research capacity remains underdeveloped and resources are too small. 

There is a need for an explicit policy for research and development in VET/HRD, including resource allocation.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Romania (details see Bibliography)
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