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The main link with the EU, in the period between 1996 and 2004, was the ETF, which in 1996 raised the initiative for founding the National VET Observatory of Slovenia (NOS). The latter has been established as a unit of the National Institute for Vocational Education (CPI) by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs. The main activity of NOS is to collect, analyse, evaluate and disseminate qualitative information and quantitative data on the VET system and VET reforms, to provide wider information on the education system and on trends in the labour market in Slovenia. In this respect several documents on the VET system and on the modernisation of VET in Slovenia have been published. Shortly after the accession of Slovenia to the EU, the NOS signed a contract with CEDEFOP, thereby continuing with its work. 

Within the Phare MOCCA programme several researches and development activities have been executed. The main goals were directed toward the development of the VET system in Slovenia, including the integration of young and adult education, the constitution of the VET system as a pillar of a lifelong learning system and the contribution of VET to a successful integration of Slovenia in the European Union. Initiatives have been taken concerning the development towards integratiing youth and adult education. Within the Phare programme, too, projects on teacher training and on quality in vocational education have been performed. Only a few of them have not been finished yet.

Within the Leonardo da Vinci programme VET/HRD development and research activities have been and are still being performed. They concern various target groups (adults, drop-outs, young farmers, etc.) and various topics such as National/European vocational qualifications, non-formal and informal learning, standardisation initiatives into European vocational training development strategies, career, quality in VET programmes, etc.

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