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Slovenia  [4]  Major institutions involved in VET/HRD research

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The National Institute for Vocational Education (CPI located in Ljubljana) is one of major institutions in VET in Slovenia. It performs research, developmental and advisory activities and is the focal point where interests of the state and social partners in vocational and technical education are coordinated and connected. (see also:

The Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZZ located in Ljubljana) is another major institution. It is led by a tripartite Administrative Council, which - in the VET area - is important for its programmes of vocational training and retraining of the unemployed and redundant workers. ZRSZZ in co-operation with its regional offices, is obliged to carry out activities, statistics and analyses in the areas of employment, unemployment, unemployment insurance and scholarships (according to the Law on Employment and Unemployment insurance, other regulations and guidelines). Occasionally there exist surveys on the unemployed and small scale research on certain groups of the unemployed at higher risk. Evaluation studies of the employment measures are also carried out. (see also:

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (ACS located in Ljubljana) is the national institution for development, research and counselling in the field of adult education. The Institute's basic mission is to foster the culture of lifelong learning and education in Slovenia. It carries out research on adult education and training (e.g. self-directed training, distance learning, learning exchange, etc.). (see also

The National Education Institute (ZRSS located in Ljubljana) has become an important partner in the circles of all those who have been conceptualising education; it has undertaken a visible role in the processes of implementing and monitoring innovative programmes and practices in kindergartens, schools and student dormitories. (see also:

The Institute of Pedagogy (Pedagoški inštitut located in Ljubljana) carries out researches on social and communicational processes within educational field in Slovenia. (see also:

The Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy (Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za pedagogiko in andragogiko located in Ljubljana) performs comparative studies of the secondary education in some European countries, studies on the development of the system of vocational education, studies on the reform of the VET system in Slovenia, etc. (see also:

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Centre for Organisational and Human Resources Research (IDV located in Ljubljana) carries out the researches on labour market developments. The researches focus particularly on the unemployment, the changes of positions of certain groups on the labour market, the trends in employment and unemployment, etc.). (see also:

The Faculty of Pedagogy (PEF located in Ljubljana) carries out studies on a smaller scale on issues connected with the pedagogical process. (see also:
The University of Maribor, Faculty of Education (PEF, MB located in Maribor) carries out studies on a smaller scale on issues connected with the pedagogical process. (see also:

The Centre for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS located in Ljubljana) is a unit of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana and performs researches concerning educational policies. (see also:

VET/HRD R&D activities include also the following institutions: 

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