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The Ministry of Education and Sport and the Ministry of Labour Family and Social Affairs are the main institutions that support VET/HRD R&D, financially as well as from the institutional point of view. Both ministries are financing the National Institute for Vocational Education (CPI) and are actively involved in VET/HRD research and development. Furthermore, the agencies that meet the conditions prescribed in the Research Act could be actively involved financially and institutionally. Several R&D activities are supported by means of programmes co-funded from the ESF. These activities refer to the priority 2 Knowledge, development of HR and employment. 

The Ministry of Education and Sport is responsible for the implementation of the education policy. Its prime responsibility is to enforce educational legislation. It has the authority to decide on administrative matters related to pre-school education, basic education, secondary general, technical and vocational education, higher vocational education (the other area of higher education is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology), education of children with special needs, music education, adult education, education of the Italian and Hungarian ethnic minorities in Slovenia, education of Roma, education of the Slovenian ethnic minority in Italy, Austria and Hungary, supplementary Slovenian language and culture courses for Slovenian nationals abroad, and supplementary courses for Slovenian citizens with other ethnic backgrounds in their respective languages and cultures. Within the ministry, the Office for the Development of Education is operating. Its task is to plan the strategy of development of education and to coordinate the developmental work in this area.

The Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, with its Department of employment, supports VET/HRD R&D in the field of employment, restructuring and vocational education. In this area, the ministry is preparing legislative arrangements for the recognition of the qualifications of citizens of member states to perform regulated occupations in RS, and is continuing other tasks required for Slovenia's accession to the EU, particularly in the area of labour market development and the free flow of goods. The ministry is also preparing an act on amendments and supplements to the Employment and Unemployment Insurance Act.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Slovenia (details see Bibliography)
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