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There are several international networks that Slovenian national institutions participate in. These are the TT Net, ReferNet, Eurydice, CRA Net and ESREA. 

The University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences (Institute for Social Sciences), is an active member of CRA Net. The Cranfield Network on Comparative Human Resource Management (Cranet) project was established in 1989 with five of the founder countries involved in this unique and important research project in human resource management. It is coordinated by the Centre for European Human Resource Management at Cranfield School of Management. The Cranet survey is now the largest and most representative independent survey of HRM policies and practices in the world.

The Ministry of Education and Sport, in 2003, informed CEDEFOP about the ambition to participate in The Training of Trainers Network (TTnet). The Ministry suggested the National Institute for Vocational Education  (CPI) to be the coordinating body. Since than TT Net Slovenia has been developing also in Slovenia. The start was financed by the ESF, since lifelong learning has been the priority in the period 2004-2006. TT Net Slovenia wants to include all institutions that contribute to teacher training. In this activity the cooperation between different fields is crucial.Sseveral workshops and events have been performed, including 55 workshops and one conference last year. were The CPI, with the National VET Observatory of Slovenia as its unit, is the national coordinator of the ReferNet. In this role it contributes to several Cedefop activities (VetBib, ERO Base, eKnow VET, etc.) and participates in events on national and European level. 

The Eurydice Unit Slovenia works within the Ministry of Education and Sport. The Network offers a well-established source of regularly updated information on the diversity of education systems in Europe. Eurydice Slovenia developed an on-line information network. Its activities include also publishing on important topics in education.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (ACS) is a member of ESREA. When ESREA was established in 1991, it was decided that the major activities to be encouraged by this new European organisation should focus upon the creation of ESREA European Research Networks that would enable active researchers and PhD students to meet on a regular basis in order to critically discuss their ongoing research in thematic areas.

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