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Current VET/HRD research

Slovenia is currently in the process of a huge curricular reform. All VET programmes are being developed on the basis of national occupational standards, which were explicitly required by the economy and are founded on the detected needs of the field.

Following the new guidelines for the preparation of VET programmes, Slovenia has already successfully implemented new curricula concepts in selected sectors, which include developing school curricula, teamwork, new concepts of teaching, learning and assessment, project work, higher level of support for individuals, increasing the developmental role of the schools. The implementation of these concepts has been performed via several projects in pilot schools. However the main goal, i.e. the strengthening of R&/D with the help of action research, is still to be reached in the future.

There is especially a need for research-based activities with regard to a new concept of assessment of competences, defining educational standards, validation of non-formal learning. Slovenia lacks researchers, HR in this field. Due to the lack of researchers, also the didactics in VET is underdeveloped, and this hampers a faster development and new innovations at school level. 

Future VET/HRD research

Future activities will focus on the development of the foundations and models for research in VET/HRD. The implementation of innovations within the learning process and its assessment will be the priorities. In this respect the teachers will be encouraged and trained in order to act as carriers of development. 

Next year the entire VET system will be reformed. New programmes will be orientated toward competences and will be modularly structured. The certificate system and the formal education system will be better linked in the light of the National qualifications framework. The principles of individualisation and maximal inclusion of employers on the regional level will be followed.

Another issue that needs to be addressed in the future concerns VET school policy, in particular developing a quality assurance system, clear national indicators and the improvement in statistical data and data-based policy.

All these efforts are directed toward the improvement of reputation of VET among youngsters and toward the rise of the number of first-year VET students. 

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Slovenia (details see Bibliography)
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