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Concerning VET/HRD R&D in Slovenia, there are many initiatives which have been implemented mainly via Target research programmes and different EU programmes. Although Slovenia is very active in researching and developing VET/HRD, it still lacks a more systematic approach to this activity on the national level. Thereby the main goal, i.e. the strengthening of R&/D with the help of action research, is still to be reached in the future. On the other hand, several institutions are members of international R&D networks, which connect Slovenia with the international R&D community.

Slovenia has already successfully implemented new curricula concepts in selected sectors, which include developing school curricula, teamwork, new concepts of teaching, learning and assessment, project work, higher level of support for individuals, increasing developmental role of the schools. 

There is especially a need for research-based activities with regard to a new concept of assessment of competences, defining educational standards, validation of non-formal learning. Slovenia lacks researchers, HR in this field. Due to the lack of researchers, also the didactics in VET is underdeveloped, and this hampers faster development and new innovations at school level. 

Following the European trends and comprehension of VET, Slovenia is modernising the entire VET system including educational programmes and legislation. Despite the problems already mentioned we strongly believe this means a great step forward for the entire VET field in Slovenia.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Slovenia (details see Bibliography)
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