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Slovak Republic  [4]  Major institutions involved in VET/HRD research

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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Materials Science seated in Trnava, Department of Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology,, provides pre-graduate and post-graduate training of technical subjects teachers. Key research activities of the department have been oriented towards competences in pedagogy of VET teachers, innovation of training of technical subjects teachers, and quality of education.

University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of National Economy, Department of Pedagogy,, offers pre-graduate and post-graduate training of economic subjects teachers. Its research activities have been focused in particular on innovations in economic education including new curriculum development. 

Technical University of Košice: Department of Engineering Education,, offers complementary pedagogical study for secondary vocational subjects teachers – diploma engineers, with teacher qualification. The department is accredited by the international organisation Internationale Gessellschaft für Ingenieurpädagogik (IGIP) in Klagenfurt. The Centre for Information and Telecommunication Technology,, conducts research on the application of artificial intelligence, on expert activities in the field of operational systems, and on educational activities related to ICT. 

Matej Bel University, Banska Bystrica: Faculty of Economics provides study programmes in tourist trade, economy and business management, public economy and services. The scope of its research activities also includes human resource and quality management issues. Research activities of the Department of Economics and Human Sciences,, are focused e.g. on the issues of European citizenship and the implementation of EU legislation in the field of administrative law into the system of public administration in the SR. The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Informatics,, is focused on educational activities and research in the field of ICT.

Pavol Jozef Safarik University Kosice, Faculty of Natural Science, Research and Educational Centre for ICT,, provides educational and research activities in the field of ICT. 

Comenius University, Bratislava,, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social and Economy Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science Research and Educational Centre for ICT. The Comenius University is the oldest and greatest university in the SR. As a scientific institution it comprises research in almost all scientific disciplines.

University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra, Faculty of Education, Institute of Technology Education,, provides training of future teachers in didactics and technology. The research activities are focused primarily on the application of ICT in education, and on the creation of an educational environment. 

University of Trnava, Faculty of Education,, provides teacher training for basic and secondary school teachers. Within its research activities the priority is given to the application of ICT in education and to educational theory. 

Institute of Social Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kosice,, is focused on research in history, sociology and social psychology. The topics in the field of social sociology research also include human capital issues, with links to the educational system and labour market.

Institute for Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava,, aims at the research of current problems of the Slovak society resulting from political and social changes in the SR. 

Research Institute of Child Psychology and Patho-psychology, Bratislava,, is the only institution in the SR dealing with a comprehensive research of mental development of children. The activities comprise research in the three key areas: mental development of healthy children, mental development of handicapped children, and the issues of social development of children and youth. 

Institute for Labour and Family Research (up to 2006 Centre for Work and Family Studies),, arose in 2003 from the merger of the Bratislava International Centre for Family Studies and the Research Institute of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The Occupational Safety Research and Educational Institute became a part of it in 2004. The Institute is affiliated to the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and the Family of the SR, with a  focus on sociological research related to social and family policy, labour market and employment policy, and occupational safety and health.

State Institute of VET, Bratislava,, is affiliated to the Ministry of Education SR . It is a methodological, pedagogical, co-ordinating and training institution responsible for vocational education and training issues at secondary VET schools. The activities include the development of educational programmes and educational standards, co-operation in development of textbooks, in-service teacher training, involvement in international projects, developing methods for simulation of activities for training firms. 

National Institute for Education, Bratislava,, is affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the SR . Its mission is to carry out research in education and to provide pedagogical guidance to primary and secondary (especially grammar) schools. The main activities include curriculum development, consultancy, methodology and in-service teacher training. 

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