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There are no professional research associations in the field of VET and HRD in Slovakia at present. However, networks aimed at VET and HRD, in which research and development might be addressed, are established, e.g. the Association of Adult Education Institutions ( and the Slovak Association for Human Resources Management and Development (, member of the European Association for Personnel Management and the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations).

Traditional professional bodies, such as the Slovak Pedagogical Society (, the Slovak Psychological Society ( and the Slovak Sociological Association are in function. They support research in VET/HRD within respective fields.

Research initiatives and networking was supported by the Centre of the Development of Science and Technology (SARC, established by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic in 1992. In February 2006 SARC was incorporated into the organisational structure of the Research and Development Agency ( as the International Cooperation Department. The Research and Development Agency now also provides support for the participation of research subjects in European R&D projects. It serves as contact point e.g. for the Framework Programmes, COST and EUREKA; it also coordinates SIKAS+, a Slovak Information and Consultation Academic Network. 

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