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Research in VET/HRD in the SR is fragmented as a consequence of the long-term lack in financial and institutional backing. Currently the whole R&D system is still in a transformation process. Many new policies and instruments were introduced in 2005 and are being prepared for implementation in 2006. This is expected to gradually improve the situation and conditions for all areas of research along with a significant increase of investments in research and development from 2006 onwards. There is a positive signal: Slovakia officially declared the intention to increase investment in R&D up to 1.8% GDP till 2010 from below 0.6% GPD in recent years. Nevertheless, without making research in VET/HRD attractive for young scholars, the lack of quality researchers caused by the brain drain into politics and business since 1990s cannot be made up. 
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Slovak Republic (details see Bibliography)
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