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Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Issues arising from an institutional analysis

Sabine Manning - Research Forum WIFO Berlin
2006 (revised version)

Theses for discussion

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Introduction (see below)
Thesis 1 - Research and related activities in HRD/VET
Thesis 2 - HRD/VET and related research fields
Thesis 3 - Distinction between HRD and VET
Thesis 4 - Profiles of HRD and VET research
Thesis 5 - National and European HRD/VET research

> Round table discussion at the HRD Conference Tilburg, May 2006
> Round table discussion at ECER/VETNET Geneva, September 2006


This study is part of a Cedefop supported project, carried out in the context of the European Research Overview (ERO). 
The initial mapping of HRD and VET related research, presented in this study, is based on an institutional analysis. The aim is to identify thematic profiles, without any assessment of the quality or capacity (size and manpower) of the institutions. The present analysis starts out from a selection of 250 institutions across 22 European countries, which carry out HRD/VET related research ('HRD/VET' stands for 'HRD and/or VET'). 

The institutions have been selected from country reports supplied by a Cedefop network of experts, the ReferNet (ERO National Research Reports - ENRRs). While the basic list of institutions for this study is identical with selection provided by the national reports, the relevant information on these institutions has been compiled mainly from the institutional home pages concerned, partly supported by the descriptions given in the ENRRs.

At the present stage of the project, the research profile of the institutions is investigated for Europe as a whole; at a later stage, clustering by country is envisaged. The analysis has been done by applying content-related indicators and descriptors. This approach allows for linkages with previous thematic analyses of European projects and conference papers (see Monitor). 

The following five theses highlight interim outcomes which are focused on those institutions that are characterised by both significant research activities and significant HRD/VET components in their profile (total 176 institutions). The graphical figures, which serve to illustrate the outcomes, are all related to this group of institutions. Each thesis leads to a few questions intended to stimulate the discussion. 

Two round tables of European experts, who have been involved in both HRD and VET research, are arranged for this discussion in 2006: the first one at the HRD Conference in Tilburg and the second one at ECER (VETNET) in Geneva. The panel group at each round table is invited to take up major points from the theses, questioning or confirming them in the light of their national and European experience, reflecting on possible reasons and implications, and putting forward their own views on the HRD/VET research landscape. The proceedings of these two round table discussions are included as part of the study outcomes.

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