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Research on VET and HRD in Europe
Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Issues arising from an institutional analysis
Sabine Manning - June 2006

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Thesis 1 - Research and related activities in HRD/VET

The standard pattern 'R&D' only partly applies to HRD/VET related research: this research is in fact linked with a variety of activities (single or combined): mostly teaching, fairly frequently development or consulting, less often information or administration [Figure 1a]. In most cases, research is combined with one other activity, in less cases with two or more; only a fairly small group of institutions carries out research on its own [Figure 1b]. The combination with other activities often implies an integrated approach: research may incorporate related activities in its wider profile or, being in a minor role, research may be an integral part of these activities.

Which are the most important linkages in qualitative terms (adding value to research): possibly research plus development and research plus consulting? How significant is the (quantitatively dominating) linkage between research and teaching in HRD/VET?

Figure 1a
Combination between research (R) and other types of activity at institutions (total: 176)

Figure 1b
Combination between research (R) and other types of activity within individual institutions (total: 176)


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