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Research on VET and HRD in Europe
Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Issues arising from an institutional analysis
Sabine Manning - June 2006

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Thesis 2 - HRD/VET and related research fields

The cross-disciplinary nature of HRD/VET research is reflected in the institutional context of related research fields. Mostly, HRD/VET research is linked with educational studies, followed by economics (incl. business studies), sociology (incl. political studies) and work related studies (incl. technology/ ICT) - [Figure 2a]. A substantial part of the institutions cover several related fields [Figure 2b], above all linking HRD/VET with both economics and sociology. Only a small group of institutions is concerned with HRD/VET (mostly VET) on its own [Figures 2a/b].

How to assess the linkage of HRD/VET with contextual fields of research? Does this make HRD/VET research more prosperous or more dependent?

Figure 2a
Type of field related to HRD/VET within institutions (percentage of total =176; partly overlapping)

Figure 2b
Number of HRD/VET related fields within individual institutions (proportion of total =176)

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