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Research on VET and HRD in Europe
Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Issues arising from an institutional analysis
Sabine Manning - June 2006

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Thesis 5 - National and European HRD/VET research

The thematic pattern of HRD/VET related research, which has been identified for the institutions in individual countries (thesis 4), differs considerably from that found for papers and projects at European level. Both the papers at European conferences (HRD conference and ECER/VETNET) and the EU projects of recent years have a strong focus on process issues (learning, competence development etc), while the institutions have high proportions shared by three areas: system (such as adult education, IVET), process (learning and work etc) and framework (labour market, society etc) - [Figure 5]. The basis for this comparative analysis are the thematic descriptors of VET/HRD related research (see Monitor > Descriptors). 

How can we assess the difference in thematic patterns of research between national institutions and European conferences and projects? Are European activities, by addressing process issues rather than system and framework aspects, more forward-looking? Or do they neglect issues that are no less essential for national development? 

Figure 5
Thematic pattern of VET/HRD related research: 
Institutions, conference papers and EU projects (percentage of each group)

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