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Current issues of European learning and work
ECER VETNET 2005 proceedings of selected sessions

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Current issues of European learning and work were addressed in the programme provided by the European Network on Vocational Education and Training Research (VETNET) as part of the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 2005 in Dublin (full details see VETNET home page). Highlights of this programme are presented in the following proceedings, produced in collaboration between VETNET and the Research Forum WIFO, with the support of CEDEFOP in the framework of the project "Promoting European perspectives in VET and HRD research" (see Introduction).
Editors of the Proceedings
Ludger Deitmer, University of Bremen, ITB, Germany (Chair of the VETNET Board)
Barry Nyhan, Cedefop (Programme Chair)
Sabine Manning, Research Forum WIFO (Rapporteur)
The following issues were discussed in special conference sessions: The proceedings of these sessions are summarised below. The overview includes links to full-text contributions and to transcripts of the  discussion (based on the recording, with minor editing). Several links lead to external sites: either the VETNET home page or the ERO Base in the European Training Village (please make sure you are registered at the ETV!); the rest of the proceedings is provided on WIFO pages.

Opening Plenary Colloquium (ECER VETNET 2005)
How European are Europe's work and learning policies?

Introduction by Barry Nyhan, Cedefop (Transcript)

Keynote Speech by James Wickham, Trinity College Dublin:
What’s European about education and training in Europe? (VETNET > Outline / Presentation)

Plenary discussion, involving Anke Grotlüschen, Martin Mulder, Jeroen Onstenk and James Wickham (Transcript)

Comment by Gerald Heidegger, University of Flensburg, Germany  (Transcript)
Comment by Massimo Tomassini, ISFOL, Rome (ERO Base > Paper / Presentation)

Plenary discussion, involving Alan Brown, Lesley Farrell, Gerald Heidegger, Pekka Kämäräinen, Barry Nyhan, Massimo Tomassini and James Wickham (Transcript)

VETNET Research Forum (ECER VETNET 2005)
Setting the European VET research agenda

Introduction by Nicholas Boreham, University of Stirling, Scotland (Transcript)

Contribution by Tom Leney, QCA, London:
VET – Challenges and research agendas (ERO Base > Presentation)

Contribution by Anneke Westerhuis, CINOP, the Netherlands:
Achieving the Lisbon goals: The contribution of VET (ERO Base > Paper / Presentation)

Comment by Felix Rauner, University of Bremen, Germany (Transcript)

Plenary discussion, involving Graham Attwell, Nick Boreham, Helen Colley, Anke Grotlüschen, Pekka Kämäräinen, Tom Leney, Krista Loogma, Martin Mulder, Barry Nyhan, Felix Rauner and Anneke Westerhuis (Transcript)

Round table (sponsored by Cedefop) (ECER VETNET 2005)
European and national research networks: How to stimulate community development?

Introduction by Ludger Deitmer, University of Bremen, ITB:
Development of the VETNET Research Community: Experiences and Challenges (VETNET > Presentation)

Contribution by Petr Viceník, CEDEFOP:
New Member States and an Overview of their Activities in VET and HRD Research (VETNET > Paper)

Contribution by Sabine Manning, Research Forum WIFO Berlin:
Involvement of CEEC researchers in European network activities of VET and HRD (Presentation)

Report from Vania Tividosheva, Human Resource Development Centre Bulgaria:
Human Resource Development Centre Bulgaria: Functions and activities (ERO Base > Presentation)

Report from Elmira Bancheva, BHRMDA, New Bulgarian University:
Competence-based Assessment and Certification of HR Professionals (ERO Base > Paper / Presentation)

Report from Magda Balica, Institute of Educational Sciences, and Liliana Voicu, AxA Consulting, Romania: 
VET/HRD research and development initiatives in Romania (ERO Base > Presentation)

Plenary discussion, involving Graham Attwell, Magda Balica, Elmira Bancheva, Magdolna Benke, Ludger Deitmer, Sigurd Johansson, Pekka Kämäräinen, Krista Loogma, Barry Nyhan, Vanya Tividosheva and Liliana Voicu (Transcript)

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