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Setting the European VET research agenda
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Introduction by Nicholas Boreham

Our topic is "setting the European VET research agenda", and the specific context  of this is the role of VET in furthering the social and economic goals set by the Council of Ministers of the European Union. Now I think this is going to be quite a controversial session, because there are a lot of questions begged in that. We could question, for example whether it really is the purpose of VET to further the social and economic goals set by the Council of Ministers. Maybe VET ought to operate at the level of individual learners or at the level of the communities of which they are members. Maybe it ought to respond to locally-identified needs and issues, not issues of macro-economics. However, it is not my purpose to begin the discussion at this stage, I'm just here to introduce the speakers. 
    Our Forum today is based on the recently completed Maastricht study. That important study was led by QCA, with CINOP, CEREQ and BIBB involved as partners. They have completed a very comprehensive analysis of the state of play in VET throughout Europe. So we are taking that as the stimulus for a general debate on the role of VET in Europe, from which we intend to draw some indications as to what the future VET research agenda should be. 

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Source: Recording of VETNET session at ECER 2005 in Dublin (details see Proceedings)
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