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European communities of VET and HRD researchers

Presentation at the roundtable of European networks and partnerships in VET and HRD, ECER 2002, Lisbon

Outline of analysis and conclusions (see Round-table programme)

Research Forum WIFO


(Presentation below for medium screen or large screen)

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Overview of selected communities (medium / large)
Charts of statistical analysis: 

  1. Participants in three types of community (medium / large)
  2. Participants by European region (medium / large)
  3. Gender of participants (medium / large)
  4. Individuals participating in communities (medium / large)
  5. Individuals in any community by selected country: number (medium / large)
  6. Individuals in any community by selected country: number/ proportion of inhabitants (medium / large)
  7. Individuals in communities by gender (medium / large)
  8. 'Multi-active' individuals by selected country (medium / large)
  9. ERO-Call messages by subject and sender (medium / large)

For more information see ERO-Call, Networks at a glance and Overview of projects.

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