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The following networks are relevant for the community of European researchers in vocational education and training (VET):
  • the FORUM (FORUM for European Research in Vocational Education and Training), which emerged as an informal group in the mid-1990s, received temporary support by the European Commission (1998-2001), and resumed its informal activities after this period;
  • CEDRA (CEDEFOP Research Arena), initiated in the late 1990s with the aim of promoting opportunities for researchers to collaborate in sharing and developing knowledge about vocational education and training;
  • Project partnerships, supported by the European Commission via the Leonardo programme, the research framework programmes (FP4 and FP5) and similar programmes; included are 29 projects (from the period 1995 to 2003) which are related to vocational education;
  • ECER: this refers to the participants in the annual European Conference on Educational Research who have contributed to its programme on vocational education, run by VETNET (The Vocational Education and Training NETwork); since VETNET has no formal membership, these ECER participants (aggregated number of persons since 1998) are taken to represent VETNET.
The participants identified for the individual networks are of course overlapping. The largest community is formed by the ECER/VETNET participants (blue bar), who are also represented in the individual networks (blue part of each bar). However, a considerable part of researchers, particularly in the project partnerships, have never been involved in this community. In the next section (starting with figure 3) we shall look at the network relationships of project partners.

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