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In this concluding overview we want to relate the European projects analysed before (figures 4 to 6) to the CEDRA activities. It is one of the objectives of CEDRA to promote collaboration and synergies between projects in order to generate further knowledge. The extent to which this objective has been achieved can be illustrated, in quantitative terms, by the following evidence:

(a) the involvement of project partners in CEDRA activities, both as participants in events and authors in publications. 
Partners from 24 projects (out of the total number of 30 investigated projects incl. FORUM) have been involved. The number of representatives per project ranges between one and four in most cases, while only EUROPROF and FORUM exceed this average (confirming the special role which these two related networks have played in the overall community of European VET researchers and in CEDRA).

(b) the reference to project outcomes in CEDRA publications, by drawing on interim or final results and quoting the reports concerned. 
Within the eight major publications considered in this analysis, ten projects are represented by at least one contribution. Special attention has been paid to a group of projects related to the CEDRA themes of learning in organisations, work related learning and work process knowledge (FORUM: work package 'Learning Organisation', ORGLEARN and WEX21C).

Altogether, the above evidence indicates that CEDRA has been active as 'arena' for promoting project related research and collaboration.

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