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In this figure, the participants from selected country groups are shown for each of the six ECER/ VETNET conferences. Comparison is facilitated by indicating the proportions for each year, based on numbers of proceedings authors (1998 to 2001) and presenters (2002 and 2003). 

The overall distribution of participants between the country groups confirms the pattern already made visible in the previous map (figure 15). What this new figure adds is the impression of continuity throughout the period, only interrupted by certain variations especially within the South-West European group. These variations may be partly attributed to the location of ECER conferences: 2000 in the UK, as against 2001 in France and 2002 in Portugal.

The small proportion of the Central and Eastern European group appears virtually unchanged. This situation contrasts with the noticable, even if modest, rise of participation from these countries in the project partnerships (figures 4 to 6). The difference just noted may confirm the observation about policies made with regard to the previous mapping (figure 15).

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