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In this section we want to find out to what extent the researchers involved in the networks analysed before produce joint articles or papers, or edit joint studies and proceedings. The co-authorships generated in joint publication activities are assumed to represent particularly intense relations. 

The figure above gives an overview of the authorships considered in this section. The publications which have been analysed include the joint CEDRA studies (2000-2003), the ECER/ VETNET proceedings (1998-2003) and, for comparison, the recent editions of the international Journal of Vocational Education and Training (1999-2003). The number of authors involved in each of the publications is indicated in brackets.

The pattern of authorships is largely similar across the three publication contexts: the majority are single authors; the teams of co-authors mostly include two persons and only rarely a maximum of five authors. These co-authorships are the focus of analysis in the following figures (18 to 21).

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