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Transnational co-authorships are likely to arise in collaboration (project-based or other) around common themes. This figure offers a tentative specification of the transnational themes identified in the three sets of publications (for a description of these publications see figure 17):
  • comparisons are concerned with contrasting characteristics found in systems or processes; 
  • European issues are identified across various phenomena or around common concerns; 
  • general themes are developed by focusing on common concerns or selected issues;
  • overviews compile and structure various items (also referring to proceedings of papers and volumes of contributions).
The main outcome of this figure is that the given range of co-authorship themes is shared by all sets of publications. Only the overviews are missing in JVET, thereby making the journal's other three themes appear somewhat larger in proportion. What is worth noting, referring to all sets of publications, is the relation between comparisons on the one hand and European issues or general themes on the other: comparisons, as a more traditional approach, are less represented than the other two, which may be considered as more highly integrated approaches. This balance is particularly striking among the CEDRA co-authorships.

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