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This figure provides an initial breakdown of participants by national origin, focusing on major European countries arranged according to the size of population: 
  • The proportion from Germany (the bottom part of each column) is on average close to that from the Netherlands or the UK, while France, Italy and Spain form a much smaller proportion. This major difference is obviously connected with the role that English has assumed as lingua franca of research. 
  • An exception from the general pattern of German representation is the column in the middle, which shows those researchers that have coordinated at least one of the European project partnerships: 40% of the coordinators come from Germany (most of them originating from ITB Bremen).
  • The fairly large representation of researchers from the Netherlands in all the networks is worth mentioning, in view of the country's relatively small population (about one fifth of the German population). This representation may partly be explained by the high degree of mobility of researchers and the command of foreign languages in this country. 

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