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In this concluding section we want to return to the total picture of network relations, after having analysed the involvement of researchers in project partnerships, co-authorship teams and individual networks. 

In the figure above, only the core participants of European networks are presented: the coordinators of project partnerships, the co-authors in transnational teams (CEDRA, ECER), the FORUM members, CEDRA and ECER participants/ authors (excluding once-only participants in both cases). Altogether, 155 persons are included in this selection of core participants. This is a third of the total number of persons (478) involved in any of these networks.

A glance at the individual blue columns shows that the core groups do not vary greatly in size despite significant variations in the total memberships (see figure 1). This outcome may be partly accidental, not least in view of the different criteria of selection. In any case, the low variation between the five core groups entails a suitable balance for the following synthesis. 

The final column (right) presents the frequency with which participants are involved in these core groups. The proportions between single and multiple involvement are two thirds against one third (a similar pattern as in the overall division between general and core participants). We may conclude that those researchers who have been involved in two or more core groups (about 50 persons) are the key actors or multipliers in the European VET research community (as defined by the sample of this analysis).

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