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In this period - 1997 to 2000 - the number of projects increases. Several of them are isolated from each other, but there is also a fairly large cluster of interrelated projects (a project network). This has developed out of the initial three-project cluster (see figure 4). Their joint thematic area is about learning, competence development and qualifications.

Three aspects are interesting:

  • The FORUM members, particularly those who also participated in EUROPROF (marked by black-edged squares), are represented in the majority of projects, especially in the enlarged cluster.
  • The cluster has got a strongly interrelated central group of projects, but also two projects - top and bottom - which are connected with the rest by just one partner each. A partner in such a position serves as a cut-point; this is, potentially, an essential link for exchanging information and ideas between the project at the edge and the rest of the cluster.
  • Also noteworthy, in this period, are the first yellow marks: partners from newly associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe. They are only involved in the cluster of projects - showing the cluster’s potential for integration.

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