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The third period - 2000 to 2003 - shows a similar pattern: new isolated projects and a cluster with a strong central group of projects, again focusing on themes of learning and competence development in work environments. 

Two points should be emphasised:

  • The FORUM members, who are still frequently represented, now form even stronger links between themselves within the central project group. The thick lines between each of them indicate a multiple relationship which produces a particularly dense subgroup or clique. While such a clique may function as a strong power centre of a project network, generating knowledge in intense collaboration, it may also become self-sufficient, by regenerating its own relationships, ideas and interests.
  • The second point is a the very modest progress with partners from Central and Eastern Europe: neither their number nor their position within projects has changed, only the inclusion of two of them in the FORUM network has increased their potential role. 

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