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Now we want to look more closely at CEDRA (the CEDEFOP Research Arena): this is neither a network of the FORUM type nor a project partnership, it is called ‘arena’, perceived as an environment for sharing information and knowledge among European VET researchers, also by drawing on the outcomes of the European projects we looked at. This sharing is facilitated by two major activities: participating in thematic events and producing joint studies. 

Starting out from these two related activities, the number and composition of researchers involved in CEDRA can be identified: 

  • there is a small development team (dark red);
  • the next group (blue) are those who have been involved both as authors of studies and participants in events;
  • there are also several persons who have been authors only (light green);
  • and the largest group are participants only (light yellow). 
In this section on CEDRA we shall consider both the regional distribution of participants and the relationship between them, first related to events (figures 8 and 9) and second, to publications (figures 10 and 11). Finally, the involvement of CEDRA participants in the projects analysed earlier will be presented.

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