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This set of figures presents relations between participants in CEDRA events (seven colloquia or conferences between 2000 and 2003). The main outcomes of the investigation, which has been carried out by applying tools of network analysis (see PDF guide), are described below.

The total network of participants in CEDRA events is presented at the top left: figure A; the following figures (B to D) are selections of those participants who took part in more than one, more than two and finally more than four events. 

The difference between the figures A and B is most striking: the majority of participants have potential contacts only once; they appear as extensions at the fringe of the network. While these participants have only weak links among themselves and with the rest, they in fact demonstrate a strong point of the ‘arena’: the ability to draw in new researchers and other experts, also from local contexts, in a series of events. 

Turning to the most strongly interlinked group or central clique, shown in figures C and D, we recognise a pattern from within the project clusters (figures 4 to 6): the prominent representation of FORUM members. CEDRA may be regarded as a reinforcing environment for these highly active researchers in the community.

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