European research networks in vocational education and training

An analysis of participation and network relations (*)

Sabine Manning, Research Forum WIFO Berlin ( and
Stephan Manning, Free University Berlin (

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>>> See follow-up study by Stephan Manning on research networks (details below)
>>> See also parallel analysis of research themes
>>> Latest  update: Article by Stephan Manning in "Human Relations" 2010 (details below)

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Research Forum WIFO


Sections (with introductions) Figures  (medium size with text/ large size without text)
Overview of networks 
1    Networks: Composition (medium+text/ large)
2    Networks: Participation by country (medium+text/ large)
Project partnerships 
3    Projects by programme and duration (medium+text/ large
4    Project participation networks: 1995-1997 (medium+text/ large
5    Project participation networks: 1997-2000 (medium+text/ large)
6    Project participation networks: 2000-2003 (medium+text/ large)
CEDRA (CEDEFOP Research Arena)
7    CEDRA participants: Composition (medium+text/ large)
8    CEDRA participants across Europe (medium+text/ large)
9    CEDRA participation network (medium+text/ large)
10    CEDRA authors across Europe (medium+text/ large)
11    CEDRA co-authorship network (medium+text/ large)
12    Project representation in CEDRA (medium+text/ large)
VETNET (Vocational Education and Training Network) 
13    Frequency of ECER/ VETNET participation (medium+text/ large)
14    Composition of ECER/ VETNET participants (medium+text/ large)
15    ECER/ VETNET participants across Europe (medium+text/ large)
16    ECER/ VETNET participants by country group (medium+text/ large)
17    Authorship of articles (medium+text/ large)
18    Co-authorship of articles by country (medium+text/ large)
19    Transnational co-authorships by theme (medium+text/ large)
20    Transnational co-authorships by country (medium+text/ large)
21    Transnational co-author teams (medium+text/ large)
Conclusion on networks
22    Core participants in networks (medium+text/ large
23    Communication across networks (medium+text/ large)

(*) Presentation at the international conference "New learning cultures for competence development - European perspectives" organised by QUEM (German competence development research programme) in collaboration with CEDEFOP (European centre for the development of vocational training) in Berlin, 3 - 5 December 2003. Extended version: January 2004

Follow-up study by Stephan Manning (2004): How Project Networks Develop (Through) Collaborative Paths: The Case of European Education Research. Paper Presented at the 20th EGOS Colloquium, Ljubljana. Download PDF.

Article by Stephan Manning (2010): The strategic formation of project networks: A relational practice perspective. In Human Relations (SAGE) 2010 (forthcoming).

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