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European research networks in vocational education and training

Section: VETNET (Vocational Education and Training Network) 

VETNET, the Vocational Education and Training Network, was set up as part of the European Educational Research Association (EERA). Its main function has been to organise the VETNET programme for the annual European Conference of Educational Research (ECER). To start with, the network had a formal structure including registered members. Later on, it became associated with an active Board and an open membership related to participants in the annual VETNET programmes at ECER. 

In this section, the network is identified as a community of ECER/ VETNET participants. The main indicator applied for characterising the degree of network involvement is the frequency of participation in the annual ECER events (see figure below):

Figure 13: Frequency of ECER/ VETNET participation  (medium+text/ large)

In order to find out more about the composition of ECER/ VETNET participants, their parallel involvement in other networks is considered: CEDRA, FORUM  and project partnerships (see next figure):

Figure 14: Composition of ECER/ VETNET participants (medium+text/ large)

In the final two figures, the regional composition of ECER/ VETNET participants is displayed, both against the map of Europe and as a flow chart showing the development during the last six years:

Figure 15: ECER/ VETNET participants across Europe  (medium+text/ large)
Figure 16: ECER/ VETNET participants by country group (medium+text/ large)

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