Thematic profile : Part A : Figure 6 [large size]
Both the projects and the VETNET ECER papers have been analysed by applying thematic categories (see figure 2 and figure 4). These two breakdowns, which resemble each other closely, are put together in the figure above. The result is a close match between papers and projects in the distribution of thematic categories.

There is of course a partial relationship between the two sets of data. A fair number of the papers concerned are based, by their very nature, on outcomes of EU projects. Also, one criterion of relevance applied for selecting the EU projects was their presentation, as a paper or other, in the VETNET ECER programme. However, the papers under investigation by far outnumber the projects (131 papers as against 30 projects), and those related to projects are in a minority.

The high degree of matching between projects and papers, therefore, allows to draw a tentative conclusion on VET and HRD research covered in this analysis: the focus is on processes (learning, work, competence) rather than systems, while other aspects are less relevant (actors, framework and environment).

For more information on the thematic analysis see introduction and the map of descriptors (return by using the back key!).

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