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NOTE: The short titles in bold correspond to the titles on the bookshelf (arranged chronologically by year),
which are linked to the individual pages on each book with full publication details.
[Eu] refers to books and selected chapters addressing cross-European or transnational issues.

Aarkrog - Divergence and convergence - 2008: [Eu] Divergence and Convergence in Education and Work - Vibe Aarkrog / Christian Helms Jørgensen (eds) 2008. Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 6 - Peter Lang Publishers 2008 --- [Eu] chapters > Thomas Deissinger: Cultural Patterns Underlying Apprenticeship: Germany and the UK; Philipp Gonon: Apprenticeship, Vocationalism and Opposing VET-Reform Trends in Europe; Katrin Kraus: Understanding the Transfer of Concepts between the International and the National Levels: Import or interpretation? Pia Cort: VET Policy Formation and Discourse in the EU: A mobile work force for a European labour market? Antje Barabasch: The Optimistic versus Pessimistic Life Plan Approach: Young adults’ risk perceptions towards the life course in the USA and East Germany

Beattie - HRM in Public Service Organisations - 2014: Beattie, R. S. and Waterhouse, J. - Human Resource Management in Public Service Organisations 

Benke & Kozma -  Learning regions (HERJ) - 2014: [Eu] Magdolna Benke & Tamás Kozma (eds.). Learning regions:  Thematic issue of the Hungarian Educational Research Journal (HERJ), Vol 4 ( 2014), No 3. 

Bohlinger - Working and  learning in times of uncertainty - 2015: [Eu] Bohlinger, Haake, Jørgensen, Toiviainen and Wallo (Eds.) - Working and Learning in Times of Uncertainty: Challenges to Adult, Professional and Vocational Education - Sense Publishers 2015

Bohlinger - Working and learning at old age - 2010: [Eu] Working and Learning at old Age - Theory and evidence in an emerging European field of research - Sandra Bohlinger (ed.) - Cuvillier (Göttingen)  - July 2010

Boreham - Work process knowledge - 2002: Boreham, Nicholas; Fischer, Martin; Samurcay, Renan (eds.) - Work process knowledge - London: Routledge - (Series: Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development) - 2002

Brockmann - Knowledge, skills and competence - 2011: [Eu] Knowledge, Skills and Competence in the European Labour Market - What's in a Vocational Qualification? - Michaela Brockmann, Linda Clarke, Christopher Winch (Eds.) - Routledge - May 2011 --- [Eu] chapters > Introduction: Cross-National Equivalence of Skills and Qualifications across Europe? (Michaela Brockmann, Linda Clarke, Christopher Winch, Georg Hanf, Philippe Méhaut and Anneke Westerhuis); EU Initiatives in Cross-National Recognition of Skills and Qualifications (Philippe Méhaut and Christopher Winch) 

Carbery - HRD: A Concise Introduction - 2015: [Eu]  Ronan Carbery and Christine Cross (Eds). Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction.

Cort - Copenhagen process - 2011: [Eu] Taking the Copenhagen process apart - Critical readings of European vocational education and training policy - Pia Cort - Aarhus University  - 2011

Deissinger - Berufsbildungsforschung - 2001: [Eu] Thomas Deissinger (Hrsg.) - Berufliche Bildung zwischen nationaler Tradition und globaler Entwicklung - Beiträge zur vergleichenden Berufsbildungsforschung. 2001. Autoren: T. Deissinger, W.-D. Greinert, Ph. Gonon, E. Gruber, D. Frommberger, R. Canning, M. Pilz, P. Ryan, R. Harris, F. Schütte, M. Kennerknecht, G. Willmann, St. Schippers - Baden-Baden (Nomos) 2001

Descy - Training in Europe - 2001: [Eu] Descy, Pascaline; Tessaring, Manfred (eds.) - Training in Europe - Second report on vocational training research in Europe: Background report ( 3 volumes). Cedefop Reference series. 2001 --- [Eu] chapters > How to improve the standing of vocational compared to general education. A collaborative investigation of strategies and qualifications across Europe (Johanna Lasonen, Sabine Manning); The changing institutional and political role of non-formal learning: European trends (Jens Bjørnåvold); The problems raised by the changing role of trainers in a European context (Mara Brugia, Anne de Blignières); Lifelong learning - How the paradigm has changed in the 1990s (Martina Ní Cheallaigh); Vocational training and innovative practices in the environmental sector. A comparison of five EU Member States, with specimen cases (Roland Loos); The employment and training practices of SMEs. Examination of research in five EU Member States (Philippe Trouvé et al.); Human resource development in Europe - at the crossroads (Barry Nyhan); Vocational training research on the basis of enterprise surveys: An international perspective (Lutz Bellmann); The effect of national institutional differences on education/training to work transitions in Europe: a comparative research project (CATEWE) under the TSER programme (Damian F. Hannan et al.); Education and labour market change: The dynamics of education to work transitions in Europe. A review of the TSER Programme (Damian F. Hannan, Patrick Werquin); Research on vocational education and training at the crossroads of transition in Central and Eastern Europe (Olga Strietska-Ilina); VET research in other European and non-European countries (Uwe Lauterbach et al.)

Descy - Value of learning - 2005: [Eu] The value of learning - Evaluation and impact of education and training - Descy, Pascaline; Tessaring, Manfred - Third report on vocational training research in Europe - Synthesis report - Luxembourg: EUR-OP, 2005 (Cedefop Reference series; 61)

Evans - Countering social exclusion - 2004: [Eu] Karen Evans & Beatrix Niemeyer (eds.) - Reconnection: Countering social exclusion through situated learning - 2004 - Kluwer - Lifelong Learning Book Series, Vol. 2 - Kluwer 2004 --- [Eu] chapter > Gerald Heidegger: Suggestions for Improving the Framework Conditions for Re-Enter Initiatives European Policy Recommendations

Evans - Learning, work and social responsibility - 2009: Learning, Work and Social Responsibility - Challenges for Lifelong Learning in a Global Age - Karen Evans - Institute of Education, University of London, UK - Springer 2009

Evans - Workplace learning - 2006: Improving Workplace Learning - from - Karen Evans, Institute of Education, University of London, UK, Phil Hodkinson, University of Leeds, UK, Helen Rainbird, Birmingham Business School, UK and - Lorna Unwin, University of Leicester, UK - With Alison Fuller, Heather Hodkinson, Natasha Kersh, Anne Munro and Peter Senker - Routledge July 2006

Field - European lifelong learning - 2002: [Eu] John Field (editor) - Promoting European Dimensions in Lifelong Learning. 2002

Field - Lifelong learning - 2000: John Field - Lifelong learning and the new educational order - Leicester/NIACE 2000

Field - Sage Handbook: Aging, Work & Society - 2013: John Field, Ronald J Burke and Cary L Cooper (Editors) - The Sage Handbook of Aging, Work & Society - 2013

Filliettaz - Francophone perspectives on learning through work - 2015: Francophone perspectives on learning through work. Conceptions, traditions and practices - Filliettaz, L. & Billett, S. (eds.) - Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands 2015

Finch - Curriculum devt. in VET - 1999: Curtis Finch and John Crunkilton - Curriculum development in vocational and technical education - Fifth Edition - Allyn & Bacon 1999

Fischer - Learning at work - 2004: [Eu] Fischer, Martin; Boreham, Nick; Nyhan, Barry (eds.) - European perspectives on learning at work - The acquisition of work process knowledge - 2004, 408 pp - Cedefop Reference series --- [Eu] chapters > Organisational learning in the European chemical industry: concepts and cases (Martin Fischer, Nicholas Boreham, Peter Röben); Learning through work experience: prospects for European knowledge development (Pekka Kämäräinen)

Fricke - Action research - 2004: [Eu] Action Research in Workplace Innovation and Regional Development - Edited by Werner Fricke and Peter Totterdill - John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam 2004

Gibb - Human resource development - 2007: Human Resource Development - Processes, Practices and Perspectives - 2nd Edition - Stephen Gibb - Palgrave Macmillan 2007

Giret - L'insertion profess. des jeunes - 2001: POUR UNE ECONOMIE DE L'INSERTION PROFESSIONNELLE DES JEUNES - de Jean-François Giret - CNRS EDITIONS (2001) 

Gonon - Gender perspectives on VET - 2001: [Eu] GENDER PERSPECTIVES ON VOCATIONAL EDUCATION - Edited by Philipp Gonon, Kurt Haefeli, Anja Heikkinen & Iris Ludwig, 2001 - From the conference of the VET and Culture network in Aarau - Peter Lang 1999

Gonon - Modern Vocational Education - 2009: The Quest for Modern Vocational Education - Georg Kerschensteiner between Dewey, Weber and Simmel. Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 9 - Gonon, Philipp - Peter Lang 2009
Gonon - Work, education and employability - 2008: [Eu] Work, education and employability - Gonon, Philipp / Kraus, Katrin / Oelkers, Jürgen / Stolz, Stefanie (eds.) - 2008. Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 4 - Peter Lang 2008 --- [Eu] chapter > Hilary Steedman: Adapting to Globalised Product and Labour Markets: New Models for Apprenticeship in Europe
Gorard - Learning society - 2001: Stephen Gorard & Gareth Rees - Cardiff University School of Social Sciences - Creating a learning society? - Learning careers and their relevance for policies of lifelong learning - Bristol: Policy Press 2001
Graf - Dual study programmes in global context - 2014: [Eu] Graf, Lukas; Powell, Justin J. W.; Fortwengel, Johann & Bernhard, Nadine. Dual study programmes in global context. Internationalisation in Germany and transfer to Brazil, France, Qatar, Mexico and the US. 

Graf - Hybridization of Vocational Training and Higher Education - 2013: [Eu] Graf, Lukas - The Hybridization of Vocational Training and Higher Education in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland - Budrich 2013

Griffiths - Learning through work experience - 2004: [Eu] Toni Griffiths & David Guile - Learning through work experience for the knowledge economy - Issues for educational research and policy - 2004, Cedefop Reference series; 48
Gustavsen - Promoting learning regions - 2007: [Eu] Learning together for local innovation: Promoting learning regions - Bjørn Gustavsen, Barry Nyhan, Richard Ennals (editors) - Cedefop 2007, 247 pp
Hadjivassiliou - Traineeship arrangements in Member States - 2012: [Eu] Hadjivassiliou K, Carta E, Higgins T, Rickard C, Ter-Minassian S (IES) Pesce F, Samek M, Barbieri D, Broglio D, Naaf S (IRS) Grollmann P, Weigel T, Wolfgarten T, Hensen K (BIBB) - Study on a comprehensive overview on traineeship arrangements in Member States: Final Synthesis Report - European Commission; May 2012
Harney - Lifelong learning - 2002: [Eu] Harney, K.; Heikkinen, A.; Rahn, S. & Schemmann, M. (eds) - Lifelong Learning: one focus, different systems - Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang - (Studien zur Erwachsenenbildung; 19) - Peter Lang 2002
Harrison - HRD in a knowledge economy - 2003: Human resource development in a knowledge economy - An organisational view - Rosemary Harrison & Joseph Kessels. - Palgrave Macmillan 2003
Harrison - Learning and development - 2009: Harrison, Rosemary [ Profile] - Learning and development - 5th edition - London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2009
Heijke - E&T in a knowledge-based econ. - 2000: [Eu] Hans Heijke and Joan Muysken (Eds) - Education and Training in a Knowledge-based Economy - Macmillan  2000

Heikkinen - Futures of Adult Educators - 2012: [Eu] The Futures of Adult Educator(s): Agency, Identity and Ethos - ESREA ReNAdET & VET&Culture Network - Heikkinen, Anja; Jögi, Larissa; Jütte, Wolfgang; Zarifis, George K. (eds.) - 2012

Heikkinen - Myths and brands - 2015: [Eu] Myths and Brands in Vocational Education - Anja Heikkinen & Lorenz Lassnigg (eds) - 2015

Heikkinen - Reworking vocational education - 2009: [Eu] Reworking vocational education - Policies, practices and concepts - Anja Heikkinen & Katrin Kraus (eds) - 2009. Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 7 - Peter Lang 2009 --- [Eu] chapters > Philipp Gonon: The Internationalization of Vocational Education Reform-Concepts: A Rhetorical Perspective; Katrin Kraus/ Matthias Vonken: 'Being Employable and Competent' - Investigating the New Imperative from a Comparative Perspective

Helve - Youth, work transitions and wellbeing - 2012: [Eu] Youth, work transitions and wellbeing - Helena Helve and Karen Evans (eds) - Tufnell Press 2012 --- [Eu] chapter > INGRID SCHOON AND JOHN SCHULENBERG: THE ASSUMPTION OF ADULT ROLES IN THE UK, THE US, AND FINLAND: ANTECEDENTS AND ASSOCIATED LEVELS OF WELL-BEING AND HEALTH

Holford - Patterns of lifelong learning - 2009: [Eu] Patterns of Lifelong Learning - Policy & Practice in an Expanding Europe - John Holford, Sheila Riddell, Elisabet Weedon, Judith Litjens, Guy Hannan - Studies in Lifelong Learning, Bd. 2 - 3s Unternehmensberatung 2009

Husemann - Governance and marketisation in VET - 2004: [Eu] R. Husemann & A. Heikkinen (eds.) - Governance and Marketisation in Vocational and Continuing Education - Peter Lang 2004

Illeris - Competence development - 2009: [Eu] International perspectives on competence development - Developing skills and capabilities - Knut Illeris (ed.) - Routledge 2009

Illeris - Workplace learning - 2010: The Fundamentals of Workplace Learning - Understanding How People Learn in Working Life - Knut Illeris - Routledge 2010

Jarvis - Learning in later life - 2000: Peter Jarvis - Learning in later life - London: Kogan Page 2000

Jarvis - The age of learning - 2000: Peter Jarvis [Ed.] - The age of learning - London: Kogan Page 2000

Kämäräinen - Transformation of learning - 2002: [Eu] Kämäräinen, Pekka; Attwell, Graham; Brown, Alan (eds.) - Transformation of learning in education and training: Key qualifications revisited - 2002 - (Cedefop Reference series; 37) --- [Eu] chapters > Exploring key qualifications: context, theory and practice in Europe (Pekka Kamarainen); Qualifications, competences and learning environments for the future: analyses of the development of three parallel approaches (Tim Oates, Pier Giovanni Bresciani and Bruno Clematide); Changing perspectives on information and communication technologies in the context of education and training (Graham Attwell, Nick Boreham, Pekka Kamareinen and Norma Lammont); Rethinking the role of the assessment of non-formal learning (Jens Bjornvold and Alan Brown); Interpretation of the relevance of work experience for future-oriented educational strategies (Toni Griffiths and Fernando Marhuenda); Learning in a social and systemic context - the learning organisation (Barry Nyhan and Mike Kelleher); The social shaping of work, technology and organisations as a guiding principle for vocational education and training (Gerald Heidegger and Graham Attwell)

Kirpal - Trainers' professional development - 2011: [Eu] National Pathways and European Dimensions of Trainers' Professional Development - Simone Kirpal (Ed.) - 2011. Reihe: Berufliche Bildung in Forschung, Schule und Arbeitswelt - Band 8 - Peter Lang 2011 --- [Eu] chapters > Simone Kirpal: Emerging Roles and Competence Requirements of Teaching and Training Practitioners - A European Perspective; Joanna Burchert/ Barry Nyhan: Trainers' Conceptions of Apprenticeship Training in Ireland and Germany 

Klink - Bounderies of workplace learning - 2012: [Eu] Boundaries of Workplace Learning - Special issue of the International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management (IJHRDM) - Volume 12 - Issue 1/2 - 2012 - Guest Editors: Marcel van der Klink and Jan Streumer

Kuhn - Homo Sapiens Europaeus - 2006: [Eu] Homo Sapiens Europæus? - Creating the European Learning Citizen - Michael Kuhn and Ronald G. Sultana (Eds.) - Peter Lang 2006 --- [Eu] chapters > Danish learning traditions in the context of the European Union (Palle Rasmussen); National and European policies for lifelong learning: an assessment of developments within the context of the European Employment Strategy (Mark Stuart and Ian Greenwood); Models of lifelong leaning and the knowledge economy/society in Europe: what regional patterns are emerging? (Andy Green); Manufacturing the ‘European’ in education and training (Anja Heikkinen); The European dimension in teacher training in France: squaring the circle? (Dominique Ulma)

Lattke - Professionalisation of adult educators - 2014: [Eu] Lattke, Susanne; Jütte, Wolfgang (eds.) Professionalisation of adult educators. International and comparative perspectives. 

Lauterbach - Comp. VET research in Europe - 2001: [Eu] Lauterbach, Uwe; Sellin, Burkart (eds.) - Comparative Vocational Education and Training Research in Europe: Balance and Perspectives - Contributions, recommendations and follow-up of the Cedefop/DIPF Conference 1998 - CEDEFOP 2001

Lindgren - Social competences in VET - 2004: [Eu] Antony Lindgren & Anja Heikkinen (eds) - Social competences in vocational and continuing education - Historical, cultural and policy aspects - Peter Lang 2004

Luomi-Messerer - VQTS model - 2006: [Eu] VQTS model - A proposal for a structured description of work-related competences and their acquisition - Karin Luomi-Messerer & Jörg Markowitsch (Eds.) -. 3s research laboratory, Vienna, September 2006

Malloch - Handbook on workplace learning - 2010: The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning - Edited by Margaret Malloch Victoria University, Len Cairns Monash University, Karen Evans University of London and Bridget N O'Connor University of New York - Publisher: Sage (www.sagepub.co.uk) - September 2010

Markowitsch - Enterprise training in Europe - 2008: [Eu] Enterprise Training in Europe - Comparative Studies on Cultures, Markets and Public Support Initiatives - Jörg Markowitsch, Günter Hefler (Eds.) - Studies in Lifelong Learning, Bd. 1 - 3s Unternehmensberatung 2008

McGoldrick - Understanding HRD - 2001: Jim McGoldrick, Jim Stewart & Sandra Watson (editors) - Understanding Human Resource Development - A research based approach - Routledge 2001

Mjelde - Working knowledge - 2006: [Eu] Liv Mjelde / Richard Daly (eds) - WORKING KNOWLEDGE IN A GLOBALIZING WORLD - From Work to Learning, from Learning to Work. 2006. Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education. Vol. 3 - Edited by Philipp Gonon and Anja Heikkinen - Peter Lang 2006 --- [Eu] chapter > Anne Smehaugen: Educational Opportunity and Outcome in two North-South Extremes in Europe: Spain and Norway

Musekamp - Competence in HE and Working Environment - 2014: Frank Musekamp & Georg Spöttl (Eds). Competence in Higher Education and the Working Environment. National and International Approaches for Assessing Engineering Competence 

Nieuwenhuis - Dynamics of VET and HRD - 2001: [Eu] Loek F.M. Nieuwenhuis & Wim J. Nijhof (eds.) - The dynamics of VET and HRD Systems - Twente University Press 2001

Nijhof - Shaping flexibility in VET - 2002: [Eu] Shaping Flexibility in Vocational Education and Training - Wim J. Nijhof, Anja Heikkinen & Loek Niewenhuis (eds) - Kluwer Academic Publishers 2002

Nyhan - Learning organisation challenge - 2003: [Eu] Facing up to the learning organisation challenge - Volume I - key issues from a European perspective - by - Barry Nyhan, Peter Cressey, Massimo Tomassini, Michael Kelleher, Rob Poell - Volume II - selected European writings - Barry Nyhan, Michael Kelleher, Peter Cressey, Rob Poell (Editors) - Thessaloniki: CEDEFOP April 2003. Contents: Volume II

OECD - Post-secondary VET - 2012: [Eu] Post-Secondary Vocational Education and Training: Pathways and Partnerships. Edited by Jaana Puukka. 2012 --- International contributors: Jim GALLACHER, Luca DORDIT, Robert INGRAM, Gavin MOODIE, Romulo PINHEIRO, Arduino SALATIN and Michael YOUNG 

OECD - Working out change - 2009: Working out change - Systemic innovation in vocational education and training - OECD Publishing - Centre for Educational Research and Innovation - 2009 - The following paper included in the ECER VETNET Proceedings 2009 is related to the publication above: Shadoian, Vanessa; Ananiadou, Katerina; Bilbao-Osorio, Beñat; Burns, Tracey; Pedró, Francesc. Systemic innovation in vocational education and training: An OECD perspective

Osborne - Access to lifelong learning - 2004: Researching Widening Access to Lifelong Learning - Issues and approaches in international research - Edited by Michael Osborne, Jim Gallacher and Beth Crossan - RoutledgeFalmer 2004

Pantea - Young people, entrepreneurship and non-formal learning - 2013: [Eu] Pantea, Diroescu and Podlasek-Ziegler (Eds.). Young people, entrepreneurship and non-formal learning - A work in progress. Brussels: SALTO-Youth Participation 2013

Pilz - Future of VET - 2012: [Eu] The Future of Vocational Education and Training in a Changing World - Matthias Pilz (ed.) - Springer 2012

Poell -  Routledge Companion to HRD - 2015:  The Routledge Companion to Human Resource Development. Edited by Rob F. Poell, Tonette S. Rocco, Gene L. Roth.

Raffe - 2011[Eu] D. Raffe - Cross-National Differences in Education-Work Transitions, in M. London (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning, New York: Oxford University Press, Chapter 22 - 2011

Rayment - MisLeadership - 2010: MisLeadership - Prevalence, Causes and Consequences - John Rayment and Jonathan Smith - Gower 2010

Reynolds - Organizing reflection - 2004: Michael Reynolds & Russ Vince (eds.) - Organizing reflection - Abingdon: Ashgate Publishing - 2004

Roodhouse - Understanding work-based learning - 2010: Understanding Work-Based Learning - Simon Roodhouse and John Mumford (Eds.) - December 2010

Schienstock - Knowledge economy - 2004: G. Schienstock (ed.) - Embracing the Knowledge Economy: The Dynamic Transformation of the Finnish Innovation System - Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar 2004

Seddon - Learning and work - 2009: [Eu] Learning and Work and the Politics of Working Life - Global Transformations and Collective Identities in Teaching, Nursing and Social Work - Edited by Terri Seddon, Lea Henriksson, Beatrix Niemeyer (Eds) - Routledge 2009

Seebacher - Führungskräfte Entwicklg - 2004: Uwe G. Seebacher / Gaby Klaus (Hrsg.) - Handbuch Führungskräfte-Entwicklung - Theorie, Praxis und Fallstudien - USP Publishing - 2004

Sellin - Occup./ qualif. devts. - 2001: [Eu] Burkart Sellin - Anticipating occupational and qualificational developments - Recommendations and conclusions based on a review of recent innovations in methods and instruments applied in the European Union. Cedefop Panorama series 2001

Stenstrom - Assessment of work-related learning - 2006: Marja-Leena Stenström and Kati Laine (Eds.) - Quality and Practice in Assessment: New Approaches in Work-Related Learning - University of Jyväskylä 2006 

Stenström - Strategies for VET in Europe - 2000: [Eu] Strategies for reforming initial vocational education and training in Europe - Edited by Marja-Leena Stenström and Johanna Lasonen - University of Jyväskylä 2000 --- [Eu] chapters > Towards a Vocational Curriculum and Pedagogy of the Future: Taking the Post-16 Strategies and SPES-NET Project Findings Forward for Future Research (Michael Young and Matti Vesa Volanen); Future Trends in European Vocational Education (Gerald Heidegger); QualificationsWith a Dual Orientation Towards Employment and Higher Education - A Summary of the Results of  the Partnership Projects INTEQUAL/ DUOQUAL (Sabine Manning); Parity of Esteem as a Challenge to European Cooperation as Reflected in the Post-16 Strategies/SPES-NET and INTEQUAL/DUOQUAL Projects (Pekka Kämäräinen); Improving the Standing of Vocational as Against General Education in Europe: A Conceptual Framework (Johanna Lasonen & Sabine Manning)

Stewart -  Designing, Delivering and Evaluating L&D - 2014: Jim Stewart and Peter Cureton (eds.). Designing, Delivering and Evaluating L&D: Essentials for Practice. 

Stolz - Vocational education: Inclusion and exclusion - 2012: [Eu] Challenges and Reforms in Vocational Education - Aspects of Inclusion and Exclusion - Stefanie Stolz & Philipp Gonon (eds) - Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 11- Peter Lang Publishers - 2012

Storey - Managers of innovation - 2004: John Storey & Graeme Salaman - Managers of innovation - Insights into making innovation happen - Blackwell Publishing - October 2004

Straka - Lern-Lehr-Theoret. Didaktik - 2002: Gerald A. Straka & Gerd Macke - Lern-Lehr-Theoretische Didaktik - (Lernen, organisiert und selbstgesteuert, Bd. 3) - Waxmann Verlag GmbH - 2002, 2003

Straka - Self-directed learning - 2000: [Eu] Gerald A. Straka (Ed.) - CONCEPTIONS OF SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING - Waxmann Verlag GmbH - 2000

Straka - Zertifizierg. berufl. Kompetenzen - 2003: Gerald A. Straka (Hrsg.) - Zertifizierung non-formell und informell erworbener beruflicher Kompetenzen - (Lernen, organisiert und selbstgesteuert, Bd. 4) - Waxmann Verlag GmbH - 2003

Streumer - Work-related learning - 2006: [Eu] Jan N. Streumer (ed.) - Work-related - Springer - 2006

Sweet - Work-based learning - 2014: [Eu] Sweet, Richard. Work-based learning. A handbook for policy makers and social partners in ETF partner countries.

Tikkanen - Active learning and ageing at work - 2008: [Eu] Active learning and ageing at work - New visions and opportunities for older workers in the Nordic countries - Tarja Tikkanen, Bernharður Guðmundsson, Leif Emil Hansen, Susanna Paloniemi, Hanne Randle & Jon Sandvik - Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers - 2008

Tikkanen - Innovative learning measures - 2009: [Eu] Innovative learning measures for older workers - Tarja Tikkanen & Barry Nyhan (eds) - Cedefop: Panorama-series. 105pp - Luxembourg: EUR-OP 2009

Tikkanen - Lifelong learning for older workers - 2006: [Eu] Promoting lifelong learning for older workers - An international overview - Tarja Tikkanen and Barry Nyhan (editors) -Cedefop 2006

Tikkanen - Working life changes - 2002: [Eu] Working Life Changes and Training of Older Workers - Tikkanen, T., Lahn, L. C., Withnall, A., Ward, P. & Lyng, K - Trondheim: VOX & European Commission. 2002

Tjepkema - HRD and LOs in Europe - 2002: [Eu] Saskia Tjepkema, Jim Stewart, Sally Sambrook, Martin Mulder, Hilde ter Horst and Jaap Scheerens (editors) - HRD and learning organisations in Europe - (Series: Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development) - Routledge 2002

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Vince - Strategic learning - 2004: Russ Vince - Rethinking strategic learning - London: Routledge (Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development) - 2004

Walther - Misleading trajectories - 2002: [Eu] Walther, A., Stauber, B., Biggart, A., du Bois-Reymond, M., Furlong, A., López Blasco, A., Moerch, S., Pais, J.M. (eds.): MISLEADING TRAJECTORIES - Integration Policies for Young Adults in Europe? - Leske+Budrich 2002

Walther - Participation in transition - 2006: [Eu] Walther, Andreas / Bois-Reymond, Manuela du / Biggart, Andy (eds) - Participation in Transition - Motivation of Young Adults in Europe for Learning and Working - Peter Lang 2006

Weil - Knowing work - 2009: [Eu] Knowing work - The social relations of working and knowing - Markus Weil, Leena Koski & Liv Mjelde (eds) - Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 8 - Peter Lang 2009

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Wolf - Improving literacy at work - 2010: Improving Literacy at Work - Alison Wolf and Karen Evans - Routledge 2010

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