WIFO Monitor
 for mapping the contents of research resources in VET and HRD

The Research Monitor offers a simple set of terms for describing the contents of research resources which are related to vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD). These descriptors, arranged according to categories, are applied for mapping and analysing these resources. The 25 Monitor descriptors have been developed from an original set of 12 descriptors used for the European Research Overview as part of the CEDEFOP Research Arena [ERO descriptors].

An alternative tool for mapping VET and HRD resources are the Areas of research presented in the Monitor.

Category Descriptor
Framework (01)  Technology/ information and communication technology
(02)  Politics/ society/ culture/ population/ community/ person/ gender
(03)  Economy/ business/ labour market/ social partners/ human capital
(04)  Administration/ finance/ management/ entrepreneurship
Environment (05)  Region/ city
(06)  Educational institution
(07)  Enterprise/ organisation
System (08)  Lifelong learning/ adult education
(09)  General education/ academic education
(10)  Vocational education and training*)
(11)  Initial education and training/ apprenticeship
(12)  Continuing education and training/ higher vocational education
(13)  Human resource development*)

*) Descriptors to be applied only if the system as such is the objective of analysis. 

Process (14)  Learning
(15)  Curriculum/ pedagogy
(16)  Teaching/ training/ mentoring/ coaching
(17)  Competence/ skill/ experience
(18)  Knowledge
(19)  Certification/ accreditation/ assessment
(20)  Qualification/ degree
(21)  Transition/ access/ recruitment/ guidance
(22)  Work/ occupation/ job/ career/ assignment
Actor (23)  Learner/ student/ trainee
(24)  Worker/ unemployed person/ personnel/ manager/ work team
(25)  Teacher/ trainer/ professional
Category Descriptor

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