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This Monitor, set up by the Research Forum WIFO, is intended to survey and analyse developments in European research related to vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD). The investigations are being carried out in collaboration with research partners and networks across Europe.

The following features are highlighted in this Monitor: 

Patterns at a glance (data selected from Monitor studies)
    • Areas of VET and HRD research in European countries > Map

    Outcomes of analysis

    • Profiles of institutional research in VET and HRD across Europe  > Profiles  
    • Activities of European research networks in VET and HRD > Networks (< update 2012)
    • Current themes addressed in European VET and HRD research > Themes (< update 2012)
See also > Publication series: Issues of VET and HRD in Europe (Archive)

Contact/ editor: Sabine Manning

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Set up: 30/08/2004
Last update: 12/07/2011