ECER 2002 Symposium 'European perspective of HRD'

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The European perspective of HRD

A debate on selected issues put forward by the EHRD Network

Programm of the Symposium at ECER 2002

Lisbon Friday 13 September 2002, 11:00 12:30 hours (updated!), Fac. PES - Room 11 

Chairs: Michael Kelleher (Learning Futures Ltd.), Sabine Manning (WIFO) & Martin Mulder (Wageningen University)

Based on the proposal submitted on behalf of the Network of European experts in HRD (EHRD Network) for the ECER/ VETNET Programme at ECER 2002 in Lisbon 11-14 September 2002*

*ECER/ VETNET 2002 programme and proceedings [Introduction] [Programme] [Procedure


As already envisaged at our ECER Roundtable on 'HRD in Europe' last year, we intend to share major outcomes of our accompanying measure (AM) at the ECER 2002 Symposium. In view of the AM objectives there will be a focus on discussing interim and final results of the cluster projects (see overview) with a particular emphasis on the European perspective of HRD. At the same time we shall link this event closely to the EHRD Base (see EHRD Portal), both by using available resources and by producing more input to this base.

The symposium starts out from selected issues of the European perspective of HRD. These were first set out at the ECER 2001 Roundtable and have been further developed in the course of the AM. The outlines and references of the issues can be looked up under selected issues in the EHRD Base. 


In preparation for the ECER 2002 Symposium colleagues were invited to put forward contributions from their projects related to these issues. Following the reviewing process the accepted contributions were arranged around three sets of issues. These form the core of the symposium programme as set out below:

(1) Introduction on the aims of the symposium (Sabine Manning)

(2) Panel discussion (including audience)  in three successive blocks:

(a) Issue:  Notion of 'flexible worker' challenging 'professional identity'
Moderator: Mike Kelleher
- Developing flexibility in pursuit of competitiveness (Nick Boreham) 
- Competence and learning in late career (Leif Lahn) 
- Professionals as flexible workers or portfolio people (Graham Guest) 

(b) Issues:  Integrating work and learning in organisations/ 
Shift from skill building to performance improvement and competence development 
Moderator: Martin Mulder
- Organisational innovation and learning <I> (Barry Nyhan & Mike Kelleher) 
- A package for integrated learning and development (Jonathan Winterton) 
- Working and learning practices in an oil refinery (Nick Boreham) 
- Gender specific key qualifications for working life (Anke Kampmeier) 

(c) Issue: Knowledge sharing as both managerial and participatory approach 
Moderator: Mike Kelleher
- Organisational learning and knowledge sharing in the chemical industry (Martin Fischer)
- Organisational innovation and learning <II> (Barry Nyhan & Mike Kelleher)

(3) Final note on the debate across issues (Jim Stewart).


The symposium revolves round a panel discussion which will be structured according to the  three sets of issues outlined above. The following timetable is envisaged:

11:00 - 11:05    Introduction
11:05 - 11:30    Issue (a)
11:30 - 12:00    Issues (b)
12:00 - 12:20    Issue (c)
12:20 - 12:30    Final note

There will be NO presentation of papers; instead each panel participant will offer a thesis (max. 5 minutes) related to the issue concerned for joint debate. The theses are based on full papers produced by the contributors or related teams. 

The theses have been compiled as a single document - please download the file!

The related papers listed below are also available for downloading.

Also recommended for downloading: discussion paper 'Taking stock of the European perspective of HRD' (Sabine Manning) 

For any questions on this programme or related matters don't hesitate to contact Sabine Manning.

We are looking forward to your active participation in the ECER 2002 Symposium!

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