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This overview is intended to promote contacts and collaboration between researchers and their networks
in vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD). 
You can find information on individual networks and studies of European networking below. 


Networks at a glance

Analytical presentations and statistical comparisons

Pattern of papers presented at the European HRD conference (2012)
Issues related to Europe: Overview and charts 2003-2012

Review of ECER VETNET Proceedings papers (2011)
Outcomes of an analysis 1998-2010, related to VETNET authors

VET and HRD research in European countries:
Thematic orientation of associations and networks facilitating research  (2008)

Linking Educational Research Activities across Europe (2007)
A review of the WIFO Gateway and its collaboration with European networks

European research communities in VET and HRD:
Comparative analysis of two annual conferences (2005)

European HRD conferences: 
Trends in participation and community development (2005)

CEEC researchers in European network activities of VET and HRD (2005)

European research networks in vocational education and training (2004)
An analysis of participation and network relations
Update: Article in "Human relations" (2010)

European research communities in VET and HRD (2002)

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