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Overview of European research projects related to VET and HRD

Index of major projects A to Z

NOTE: The index below includes those projects of the Overview which are research-based AND focus on VET and/or HRD.
The year, next to the project acronym, refers to the end of the project, corresponding to the arrangement of data in the Overview.
The full title for each project is followed by the name of the project coordinator (and co-coordinator).

7EU-VET 2012 Detailed Methodological Approach to understanding the VET education [ Vehovar]

AERONET (1) 2007 Identification of common skill needs in the aeronautic industry [Bremer]

AEROVET (2) 2011 Identification of sector-related qualifications according to common demands of being employed by enterprises of the European Aeronautic and Space Industry [Saniter; Bremer]

BusQua 2010 Business development and Qualification [Vonken]

CiE 2008 Consult in Europe [Winterton]

ConVET 2014 Connectivity in Vocational Education and Training [Aprea; Sappa]

CREDIVOC 2009 Transparency and mobility through accreditation of vocational learning outcomes [Tutschner; Wittig]

CROSSLIFE 2008 Cross-cultural collaboration in lifelong learning and work [Heikkinen; Aarkrog/ Gonon/ Lucas/ Seddon/ Sultana]

CVTS2-Revisited 2007 Continuing Vocational Training in Europe - Benchmarks and best practice [Markowitsch]

DEQU 2007 Development of elements for quality assurance within practice oriented higher education [Humpl]

EarlyBird 2003 Early Recognition of a Need for Qualification and Measures of a Shaping Oriented Vocational Education in Plant Engineering [Spöttl; Windelband]

EDUWORKS 2017 Crossing borders in the comprehensive investigation of labour market matching processes: An EU-wide, trans-disciplinary, multilevel and science-practice-bridging training network [Tijdens]

EFWE 2005 European Framework for Work Experience [Bimrose]

EGCRF 2007 European Guidance and Counselling Research Forum [Bimrose]

E-Methods 2007 New Methods of Evaluating Student's Performance in the Vocational Training System [Balassa]

EmployID 2018 Supporting learning innovation in European Public Employment Services [Barbara Kieslinger]

EOF 2011 European Outplacement Framework - Vocational Support for People with Difficulties on Employment Access [Doukas]

EPANIL 2006 European Common Principles for the Accreditation of Non-formal and Informal Learning in Lifelong Learning [Ciháková]

EQF-PROQS 2012 EQF implementation: Impact of national qualifications systems processes [Tutlys]

EurOccupations 2009 Developing a detailed 8-country occupations database for comparative socio-economic research in the European Union [Tijdens]

EuroguideVAL 2007 Professionalisation of practitioners in the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning [Hemar ]

EURONE&T 2004 Towards the European society: Challenges for education and training policies arising from the European integration and enlargement [Kuhn]

Euronet-PBL 2010 Euronet: Practice-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning [Deitmer; Kämäräinen]

EUROTRAINER 2007 A study of the situation and qualification of trainers in Europe [Fischer; Kirpal, Tutschner]

EUROTRAINER II 2010 Network to support trainers in Europe [Kirpal]

EXEMPLO 2006 Assesment of non-formally required competencies of EXperienced EMPLOyees [Fietz]

FAME 2003 Occupational identity, flexibility and mobility in the European labour market [Kuhn]

fifobi 2011 Fit for business: Developing business competencies in school [Pilz; Berger]

Flexi-Pass 2010 Flexible professionalisation pathways for adult educator between the 6th and 7th level of EQF [Strauch; Radtke]

Guidance in Europe 2007 Comparative and evaluative analysis of guidance and counselling services for out of work individuals and workers at risk in five European countries [Perez]

HQ-LLL 2010 Hybrid qualifications - increasing the value of Vocational Education and Training in the context of Lifelong Learning [Deißinger]

KMPlus 2006 SME Knowledge Exploitation and Learning through Knowledge Management [Deitmer]

LILARA 2007 Learning in Local and Regional Authorities [Osborne; Doyle]

LITVETNET 2009 Modelling of the regional networks of vocational education and training in Lithuania [Tutlys]

LL/ Learning Layers 2016 Learning Layers: Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters [Ley; Kämäräinen]

MASKS 2006 Matching Skills in the Knowledge Society [Pavlovic]

Modules 2007 Approval of modules in prevocational education and training [Heidegger]

OBSERVAL 2010 European Observatory on validation of non-formal and informal learning [Janoschka]

Older Workers 2006 Older Workers and Lifelong Learning [Tikkanen]

ORGLEARN 2003 Ways of organisational learning in the chemical industry and their impact on vocational education and training [Fischer]

PARTICIPA 2004 Participation in continuing vocational education and training: A need for a sustainable employability [Figueira]

Peer Review Extended 2007 Peer Review Extended - Implementing the Common Quality Assurance Framework through Peer Review, Mutual Review and Assessment of VET Providers and Extension of the European Peer Review Network [Gutknecht-Gmeiner]

Peer Review in initial VET 2006 Peer Review as an Instrument for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in Initial VET in Europe - Exchange of Experience and Development of a European Manual [Gutknecht-Gmeiner]

QualiVET 2007 Quality development and quality assurance with labour market reference for the VET system in the metal sector [Gessler; Blings, Spöttl]

QUAL-PRAXIS 2006 Quality Assurance and Practice-Oriented Assessment in Vocational Education and Training [Stenström]

QUIGUS 2010 Qualitative Integrated Guidance Services [Coppola]

RANLHE 2009/10 Access and Retention: Experiences of Nontraditional Learners in Higher Education [Merrill]

Reflective Evaluation 2007 Reflective Quality Development for CVT Teachers and Trainers through Self-Evaluation [Heidegger]

RE-INTEGRATION 2003 Transnational evaluation of social and professional re-integration programmes for young people [Heidegger; Niemeyer]

ReSeCo 2013 Retail Sector Competencies [Pilz; Theis]

RPLO 2010 Piloting national and European guidelines designed to encourage the take up of the Recognition of Prior Learning Outcomes [Konrad]

SECCOMPAT 2010 EQF and compatibility of sectoral qualifications between the countries [Khayat]

SELF-EVALUATION 2004 Transnational methods and models for self-evaluation of non-formal personal competencies [Heidegger]

STEP 2008 Service Sector Training in European Employment Practices []

TEVAL 2007 Evaluation Model for Teaching and Training Practice Competences [Carioca; Saúde ]

TOP+ 2009 Training Older Persons - Pioneer model usable for older adult trainers []

TransEQFrame 2008 Trans-European Qualifications Framework Development [Rein]

TTplus 2008 TTplus - A framework for the continuing professional development of trainers [Lübcke]

VET-CERT 2012 Qualification as a Way to Quality [Luomi]

VQTS 2006 Vocational Qualification Transfer System [Markowitsch; Luomi-Messerer]

WiSaR 2011 Regional Economy-oriented Strategies for Lifelong Learning [Doukas]

WBLIC 2013 Work Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum [Devins]

WLP : Work & Learning Partners 2006 Improving Quality of Informal Learning through Tools and Instruments for Workplace Learning Partnerships [Grollmann; Wittig]

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