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This thematic overview aims at identifying latest issues and topics addressed in European research on
vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD). 
Descriptive tools developed for the WIFO Monitor support this overview.

Areas of VET and HRD research
Descriptors of VET and HRD research

Themes of current European research projects
Thematic strands of VET and HRD related conferences
See also outline in EHRD Base:
Issues of the European perspective of HRD

Pattern of HRD conference papers related to Europe (2012)
How European are ECER VETNET papers? (2011)
ECER papers: Map of top keywords (update: 2009)
Thematic patterns derived from a project analysis (2007)
Thematic profile of projects and papers (2004)
See also
> review in EHRD Base:
European HRD conferences: Thematic profile (2005)
> overview:
Issues of HRD and VET addressed in CEEC ( 2007)

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