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This mailing list ( is intended for communication within the European Research Network in Vocational Education and Training (VETNET), in conjunction with the bimonthly L&W Newsletter. In particular, it serves to circulate up-to-date information on current professional activities, including announcements of conferences and calls for papers. 

List members

VETNET comprises a large community of researchers without formal membership. Based on the criterion of activity within and for the network, the mailing list (in technical terms a 'closed' list) includes:
  • the current and former VETNET board members (network convenors within EERA Network2) and the reviewers for the annual conferences (ECER);
  • the authors of papers included in the annual ECER VETNET Proceedings;
  • contributors to European project symposia at ECER;
  • participants in the annual VETNET Assemblies;
  • frequent presenters in the annual ECER VETNET programmes;
  • members subscribed to the former VETNET mixxt website;
  • members of the Editorial Advisory Board of IJRVET.
This list should also be regarded as an acknowledgement of active involvement in VETNET! 


The VETNET mailing list is run and moderated by WIFO (contact: Sabine Manning - in collaboration with the VETNET Board. The subscription is carried out by the moderator. All messages are checked before they are passed on to the whole group. 

We distribute this information only with your consent. You can cancel these messages at any time by contacting the WIFO administrator via Your email address will then be deleted from the mailing list concerned. For further information see Data Protection.

Related mailing lists

The VETNET mailing list is related to other lists, in particular the following:
  • the WIFO mailing lists for the L&W Newsletter;
  • the ConfTool facility run by EERA, which includes mail services enabling the VETNET Convenor to reach all applicants/ participants registred for the current ECER.
Any information received by the VETNET list that would deserve wider circulation will be forwarded to one of the related mailing lists.
Set up: 13/02/2010
Last update: 25/05/2018
List address:
Editor: Sabine Manning (Research Forum WIFO)